Welcome to The Marist Preparatory School section on the website.  We hope you find the pages useful, but would strongly recommend you come and see the school for yourself.

The main areas covered in this section of the website are Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Parents interested in Reception places will also find useful information in the Nursery section of the website, as Nursery and Reception both follow the Early Years Curriculum.

It is a great privilege working with the girls, and seeing the progress they make from two and a half to eleven years old. Each step on their journey is special. It is very rewarding, to see how well the girls flourish and progress on to the Marist Senior School. It is a privilege to see the girls develop and grow in confidence and the senior pupils are a wonderful inspiration for our girls, as you really do see the ‘end product’ of a truly delightful, confident, ‘Marist young woman’ ready to address the challenges of the world.

As a school we celebrate the talents and gifts of each girl and enable her to develop her potential academically, spiritually, morally, creatively, socially and physically. We also want the girls to have confidence and high self-esteem.  We achieve this by nurturing the girls as they progress through our school, ably supported by a team of committed, dedicated staff who work tirelessly for the girls. We believe that the girls will learn best when they are appropriately challenged in a happy, caring and supportive environment. They are encouraged to show courtesy, consideration and good manners and to reach out to those who are less fortunate than themselves.