Key Stage 5 (AS/A Level)

Board: AQA

Course Aims

  • To develop an understanding of Statistics and Statistical processes by extending knowledge, skills and techniques
  • To use Statistics as an effective means of communication
  • To recognise how a situation may be represented by a statistical model and how this can be refined and improved
  • To develop an awareness of the relevance of statistics to other fields of study, to the world of work and to society in general.

Course Details

The AS and A Level Statistics qualification may appeal to students who enjoyed Mathematics at GCSE, but who do not want to study Pure Mathematics. The emphasis in this course is on using and applying Statistics. Appropriate interpretation of contexts and the outcomes of statistical procedures will be required.

AS Level Statistics includes statistical knowledge, skills and techniques which are needed for the study of other subjects, such as Biology, Economics, Geography, Psychology Business Studies and Sports Studies

The three units S1, S2 and S3 are equally weighted and assessed by examination only. All questions are compulsory, but there is no coursework, and a graphics calculator is essential in all papers.

A2 Level Statistics is designed to give an understanding of the calculation of statistical measures, as well as their application and interpretation, without requiring knowledge of Pure Mathematics beyond GCSE.

The three units S4, S5 and S6 are again assessed by examination only, and follow the same format as the AS Level.

Entry Requirements

Although a grade B at GCSE Mathematics Higher level is recommended, it is possible for a student with a grade C to cope with this course.  GCSE Statistics is not a pre-requisite.

Teaching Approaches

Teaching will be in either small groups or individual tutorials, but students will be expected to practise techniques and study independently throughout the course.

Careers and Support Subjects

Although a relatively new branch of Mathematics, Statistics is found almost everywhere, from universities to newspapers, from advertising to medicine. This course not only aims to prepare students for the statistics they may need in their chosen subjects, but also to make students more criticaly aware of the statistics they come across every day. Statistics combines well with both Humanities and Sciences and is becoming increasingly important in the further study of subjects such as History, Geography, Catering, Psychology, Languages Journalism and Sport, to name but a few.

Additional Information

Students will work from a series of text books, and a calculator with statistical functions can be either bought or borrowed from the school.

At AS and A2, Statistics is a practical application of mathematics, which helps students to develop their analytical thinking, skills which can then be transferred to many different careers.

Progression to A2 is contingent on achieving grade C or above at AS Level and behaviour, attendance and punctuality records will also be taken into consideration.