Scholarships for Year 3 entry

The Marist School offers up to six academic scholarships worth a remission of up to 20% of the annual basic tuition fees each academic year.

These scholarships will be offered to Year 3 pupils which are tenable to the end of Year 6 (both internal and external candidates are eligible). The scholarships will be awarded based upon the outcome of assessment tests which take place in November. 

Application forms are available from the Admissions Office and are subject to annual review.

Chavoin Awards Available at Year 3 and Year 7

Up to three scholarships per year are awarded to gifted Catholic students who would otherwise not seek admission. 

Scholarships for Year 7 entry

There are three academic scholarships worth a remission of up to 25% of the annual basic tuition fees available for entry into Year 7. The criteria for awarding these scholarships are:

  • Academic excellence in the entrance examination.
  • Exceptional all round ability.
  • Candidates must be aged 11 on or before 31 August prior to entering Year 7.

This criteria will be assessed during the admissions process and the top academic applicants will be offered the scholarships.

In addition, we offer subject scholarships in:

  • Art
  • Sport
  • Drama
  • Music 

These are worth a remission of up to 20% of the annual basic tuition fees.

Girls who are awarded scholarships are expected to complete their education at the School up to Advanced Level/university entrance.  If scholarships are not awarded in any year this will be due to candidates not meeting in full the required standards.  Trustees reserve the right not to award scholarships in a particular year where this is the case. 

Applications for all scholarships must be returned to the Admissions Office at the end of the Autumn term preceding the Entrance Assessment.  All Scholarship application forms must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the subject teacher/coach/tutor.  Scholarships are offered on a competitive basis. 

Scholarships are subject to an annual review.


Year 7 Scholarship Application Forms