Roald Dahl Creativity At The Marist

Roald Dahl Creativity At The Marist

In celebration of Roald Dahl Day 2017, Preparatory pupils at The Marist were invited to participate in a competition to create a new Roald Dahl character. Following a very high standard of creative entries, Year 5 pupil, Jecca-Millie, was announced as the overall winner of the competition for her character ‘Gwendolyn Monroe’ and her colourful and dear friend ‘The Well Travelled Snake’.

Describing her Roald Dahl inspired character as “snooty”, Jecca-Millie’s ‘Gwendolyn Monroe’ boasts four talents including being an impeccable artist who exhibits in Florence; a private cook for Simon Cowell; a passionate violinist in the Royal Philamonic Orchestra in Austria and an heptathlete who will represent Great Britain at the next Olympics – all at the tender age of 8! Gwendolyn’s faithful friend, ‘The Well-Travelled Snake’ travels everywhere with her and in Jecca-Millie’s own words “Gwendolyn gets all her luck from this Well-Travelled Snake”.

Speaking about participating in the competition, Jecca-Millie said,

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this competition and being creative, which is something I really enjoy. I look forward to entering future competitions and developing my writing skills further.”

Taking inspiration from the much-loved British novelist, The Marist Roald Dahl Competition involved pupils in Key Stage 1 (Years 1-2) creating a new character with annotations. Pupils in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) were also asked to create a new character alongside a description of their design, in the style of Roald Dahl.

Overall there were three winners in the competition; Upper Key Stage 2 category and overall winner: Jecca-Millie (Year 5); Lower Key Stage 2 category: Emily (Year 3), who created the character ‘The Boingy Loingly Bird’ and Key Stage 1: Charlotte (Year 1), with her character ‘Rosy’ who has magical powers and lives in ‘lovely Ascot’. All pupils won book tokens with Jecca-Millie receiving a notebook and sparkly pen to help continue developing her writing skills.

Click here to view Jecca-Millie's Roald Dahl character