Physical Education

Board:  OCR

This specification in physical education should encourage candidates to:

  • develop an understanding of the factors influencing performance and the ability to apply these to a range of physical activities;
  • develop knowledge and skills of selected physical activities;
  • develop the skills necessary to analyse, evaluate and improve performance;
  • develop an appreciation of social, moral and cultural issues which affect participation and performance in physical activity.

In addition, this specification should encourage candidates to:

  • develop the capacity to think critically about the relationship between the different factors influencing performance;

Course Details - subject to ratification by QCA in late 2015/ early 2016

Theoretical component

Practcial Component

Practical Areas for assessment: girls can be assessed in their performance in any of these sports

Entry Requirements

Minimum of Grade B at GCSE in English and Science and PE

Study Skills Required

  • Good summary skills
  • Interest in current affairs / issues relating to sport
  • Independent reading
  • Independent research
  • Ability to interpret different materials
  • Sound understanding of the basic scientific principles

Teaching Approaches

Various methods will be used depending on the topics but these will include traditional, shared, group work, independent learning.  One piece of homework will be set per lesson taught.  This will include reading, research, and past paper questions.

Careers and Support Subjects

There are obviously strong links with the sciences, biology, history and psychology in particular.  Past students have chosen to follow degree courses in physiotherapy, sports science and leisure management and teaching.