The Marist vision is to be the school of choice for parents who want strong academic achievement but recognise the importance of developing the whole person and allowing them to flourish in a caring, nurturing and Christian environment.

We place great emphasis on the importance of ensuring each of our girls are given the tools to achieve every success in the Sixth Form and leave us as well-rounded, confident individuals. It is the unique atmosphere of our cosy Sixth Form, combined with an education encouraging independent yet guided learning, which affords our future 'Maristines' a smooth transition onto their next stage of life, albeit university or elsewhere.

Sixth Form life provides a simultaneously challenging, yet enjoyable and rewarding environment. Our Sixth Formers play an active role in Marist life and we are proud of each of our girls who achieve positions of responsibility in Year 13. Every girl is given the opportunity to hold a position of responsbility; within Houses, as subject captains or in areas they may wish to explore as a career, such as our PR or Liason officers. These experiences are essential, not only contributing positively to the development of each student, but simply as part of what it means to be a Marist Sixth Former. Often some of the sadder moments can be saying farewell to these roles and the opportunities and people they encompass.

Our philosophy is to provide an outstanding education with an inclusive approach to pastoral care, rooted in every aspect of life in The Marist Sixth Form, creating an environment in which each student feels a strong sense of self and belonging. We have high expectations of all our students but at the same time we know they will only achieve their true potential with our constant support, encouragement and guidance.