Outstanding GCSE Results At The Marist

Outstanding GCSE Results At The Marist

In the pioneering year when reformed exam content and changes to gradings dominated the educational landscape, The Marist has delivered an unchanging picture of exam success.  Over half of all grades were A*/A and 9-7, building to a total picture of virtually all grades being A*-C and 9-4.

The Director of Teaching and Learning, Deborah Kite, expressed her delight for this hard working year group. She explained, "Despite uncertainty in the grade boundaries and marking schemes, this year group have disregarded the hype and focussed on delivering consistently strong results."

There were some amazing results for individual subjects not always loudly acclaimed for girls. 18% of the Further Maths group achieved A^, which is higher than an A*. Further success was secured in Biology with 32% at A*, Chemistry had 29% A* and Religious Studies achieved 35% at A*. Our highest proportion of A* came in History with 63%achieving that accolade.

The high academic performance level of The Marist is once more underlined in an emphatic manner be today's results. Principal Karl McCloskey said, "Marist Girls are highly skilled, extremely talented and characterised by a positive work ethic. This year group, like those who have gone before, have attained an excellent set of results which will serve as a strong foundation for the advanced phase of their education. I am extremely proud of them all."

Jubilant celebrations were heralded after the anticipatory opening of envelopes. Tiffene Duggen-Hill was one of the top performers this year with 10A*, 2 grade 9's and a grade 7. Eilidh Quinn achieved an A^, 8A*, 2 grade 9 and a grade 7. Sara Lopez-Fujimaki gained 8A* and 1A alongside a grade 9 and 2 grade 7's. A truly delightful year group who fully deserve their success.

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