The Mathematics Department at the Senior School is made up of 6 talented and dedicated specialists, all who teach up to A Level. We are very approachable and students are encouraged to seek out their particular teacher if they need help or clarification. Maths Clinic is also held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes from 12.50 until 1.25pm. A member of the maths department staff is always available at these clinics and students are encouraged to attend if they need help, support, an opportunity to catch up on missed work or if they just want a quiet place to do some maths work.


Key Stage 3

As a result of entrance examination indicators, pupils are placed in initial sets when they enter Year 7, but are closely monitored in their first term to allow changes if necessary.  There are formal assessments in December and June, so to facilitate ease of movement all classes follow the same curriculum. Every pupil has a personal profile which is started when a girl enters the school; this allows us to identify the level each student is working at, and to ensure that she fulfils her potential in this subject.

In Year 8 all students take part in a maths practical day off site. The purpose of this is to encourage the pupils to look for maths outside the classroom and to realise that maths is essential in many different areas and can be found in the most unexpected places. In addition to this all years have the opportunity to take part in cross curricular projects, they take part in competitions run by the UK Maths Trust and in Year 9 a group of students take part in Maths Masterclasses. An Enrichment Group meets weekly to problem solve and discuss areas of mathematics of interest to them as well as explore areas of mathematics outside the curriculum.

Students begin their GCSE at the start of Year 9.


Key Stage 4

During Years 10 and 11 the students follow the GCSE linear specification from the AQA board at either Higher or Foundation level. All girls are assessed regularly to monitor progress and ensure they are on target and following the correct path.

The GCSE Specification we follow is AQA Mathematics Linear 8300 and consists of three papers taken at the end of Year 11, one calculator and two non-calculator papers. Further details of the specification can be found at


Girls in the top set are invited in Year 11 to study for the AQA Certificate Level 2 Further Mathematics free standing qualification. Details of this specification is found at and introduces the girls to topics that will be met at A Level.

If girls opt to study maths at AS or A Level, they are encouraged to work through the topics found at  before they start in Year 12.