Marist Friends

The Marist Friends was established by parents and teachers at The Marist School to help foster community spirit whilst also raising additional funds for the school through a range of social events. In the past they have helped with projects such as the swimming pool, new teaching equipment, minibuses, various pieces of ICT equipment and the sensory garden at Prep.

Our experience shows us that this is where, as parents, we make our "Friends for Life."  Joining the Committee is the best way to get involved and will really help you make friends within the school community.  Nobody ever really leaves The Marist and past parents regularly attend the events.


Our Co-Chairs

  • Sarah Lewis

    The Marist School has played a huge role in my life: I was a pupil here myself as was my sister, even my husband (!) and now my daughter has just completed her education, so when I was asked nearly 8 years ago if I would be interested in joining, I didn’t need much convincing.

    Organising enjoyable social and fundraising events is obviously the goal but for me, the most significant and perhaps unexpected consequence of joining is the opportunity to befriend other parents whom you may not otherwise meet from different year groups.  I have made some great friends and if anything, that is what I hope to convey to future members: the fabulous times you share and create.


  • Julie Gillborn

    I joined the Marist friends 7 years ago. I wanted to help out, meet other families and get involved with some fundraising initiatives to help buy some extra equipment that would benefit the girls at school. One thing I didn't realise at the beginning was how getting involved would introduce me to parents who have since become lifelong friends.

    Helping to organise events such as The Marist Balls, Jubilee Fun Day and a couple of Xmas Fayres has involved some time and a bit of hard work, but the rewards of working within a team with everyone pulling together to reach a common goal has been worth every minute! I'm looking forward to being a part of the Marist Friends future and hope that you too will come and join our team in September.

Marist Friends Membership

Any new parent are automatically enrolled as a member.  You will be sent invitations to various events throughout the school year.  If you don't know many people within your year group please just indicate that when responding and the organisers will make sure they look after you at the event.  The main part of any event is "having a good time."

If you do want to get to know more parents, and feel more involved with school life then speak to either Sarah or Julie.  You can just drop them an email at:

You can also follow us on twitter @Marist_MFA

The Marist Friends Number Club

Through the Marist Friends Number Club you can easily support The Marist Schools from as little as £5 per calendar month, whilst also having the chance to win a monetary prize yourself. 

Numbers can be purchased for £5 per month.  At the start of each month a draw is held and prizes awarded to first, second, third and fourth numbers drawn.  Amounts vary depending on the number of people in the draw.  However each month 50% of funds are awarded in prizes and 50% goes to the school.

Marist Friends Does Food: Christmas Edition

On Thursday 19 November the Senior School Hall was transformed in to a Food Fair Extravaganza with everything that makes the perfect Christmas feast! It was a first of its kind for the Marist Friends and on the back of the overwhemingly positive feedback, we look forward to hosting many more.

Thank you to everyone who helped create such a wonderful evening.

Please see the attachments below to try some of the delicious recipes, created and served by Thomas Franks for the event.

The MF Does Food: Christmas Edition
Marist Friends Christmas Fayre 2014