Key Stage 3

All pupils study Geography at Key Stage 3 and cover topics which reflect a range of scales.

Core text: Atlases, Foundations, Connections and Interactions.

  • Atlas work
  • Weather & climate
  • River flooding
  • Urbanisation
  • Africa & Kenya
  • Ordnance survey maps
  • Rivers, coasts and glaciation
  • Economic activity
  • Population
  • Asia & India
  • Word issues
  • Environmental regions
  • Plate tectonics
  • Resources and the environment
  • China the emerging nation
  • International development
Key Stage 4

Geography at GCSE is a popular course and follows the AQA specification. Split into Physical Geography and Human Geography, the course aims to build a foundation for appreciating the physical world in which we live together, with an investigation into the issues and interests of living in the world today. Core text: AQA Geography GCSE

  • The Restless Earth
  • Water on the Land
  • The Coastal Zone
  • Population Change
  • The Development Gap
  • Tourism
  • Controlled Assessment (based on fieldwork carried out in the Isle of Wight)