Further Maths

Key Stage 5 (AS/A Level)

Board: AQA

What is Further Mathematics?

Further Maths is an AS or A Level which broadens and deepens the Mathematics covered in A Level Maths. It develops your Mathematical ability and introduces you to new topics, such as matrices and complex numbers, which are vital for maths–rich degrees in areas such as sciences, engineering, statistics and computing, as well as Mathematics itself.

Course Details

The Further Maths course builds on the Mathematics studied in the Mathematics A Level course. The course aims to equip students with the necessary mathematical knowledge to study Maths or a related subjext at degree level.

Pure Maths: This builds on the pure maths studied in the Maths A Level course and also introduces new topics such as matrices, polar co-ordinates, hyperbolic functions and complex numbers.

Discrete Maths: This is an area of Maths that is not part of the GCSE or A Level Maths courses. It introduces you to methods of solving real-world problems involving the fastest, cheapest or most efficient methods.

Further Mechanics or Further Statistics: One of these subjects is studied further and the course builds on material covered in the A Level Maths course.

How can it help me?

Further Maths will introduce you to fascinating Mathematical concepts. It will develop your problem solving skills which will help boost your performance in A Level Maths.

If you plan to apply for any degree that is rich in Maths, a qualification in Further Maths will give your application an edge. You will study more Maths that’s relevant to your university course, which will help you to hit the ground running. Some prestigious university degree courses now require a Further Maths qualification and many university courses prefer students who have studied Further Maths to at least AS Level.

Entry Requirements

Students require Grade 8 or 9 in GCSE Mathematics to study Further Mathematics. It is essential that they enjoy Mathematics!