Further Mathematics


What is Further Mathematics?

Further Maths is an AS or A2 level which broadens and deepens the maths covered in AS/A2 level Maths. It develops your mathematical ability and introduces you to new topics, such as matrices and complex numbers, which are vital for maths–rich degrees in areas such as sciences, engineering, statistics and computing, as well as mathematics itself.

Course Details

Further Maths is studied alongside AS/A2 Maths.

AS Further Maths comprises of 3 exams; Further Pure Maths (FP1), Decision Maths and a third application. This will be either Mechanics or Statistics depending on the one not opted for at AS Maths.

At the end of Year 12 therefore a student taking Further Maths and Maths AS levels will have completed Core 1, Core 2, Mechanics 1 (M1), Statistics 1 (S1), Decision 1 (D1) and Further Pure 1 (FP1).

At A2 level the student has to choose 2 out of the 3 applications so as to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills further. They will choose two units from Mechanics (M2), Statistics (S2) and Decision (D2) as well as take two compulsory pure units, Further Pure 2 (FP2) and Further Pure 3 (FP3).

At the end of Year 13 therefore a student taking Further Maths and AS Maths A Levels will have completed six units for Maths (C1, C2, C3, C4, S1, M1) and 6 Units for Further Maths (FP1, FP2, FP3, D1 and 2 from D2, S2 and M2)

How can it help me?

Further Maths will introduce you to fascinating mathematical concepts. It will develop your problem solving skills which will help boost your performance in AS/A level Maths.

If you plan to apply for any degree that is rich in maths, a qualification in Further Maths will give your application an edge. You will study more maths that’s relevant to your university course, which will help you to hit the ground running. Some prestigious university degree courses now require a Further Maths qualification, and many university courses prefer students who have studied Further Maths to at least AS level.

Entry Requirements

Students require an A* in GCSE Mathematics to study Further Mathematics. It is essential that they enjoy mathematics!