The current government has driven a period of considerable curricular reform over the past few years.

In September 2015, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Business Studies, Economics, English Literature, History, Psychology, Photography and Physics will embark upon new style A Level courses. New A Levels will be linear, meaning assessment of a student’s knowledge and understanding of the whole course will take place at the end of two years. The first assessment of the two-year courses that start in September 2015 will be in June 2017. For these subjects AS has now been redeveloped as a standalone qualification and will not contribute towards the A Level grade. In some subjects, it may be appropriate for the AS syllabus to be designed to be co-taught with the first year of the A Level. The first assessment of the new AS Levels is planned for June 2016.

At The Marist, we pride ourselves on tailoring our academic curriculum to best suit our learners. As such, we have made a conscious decision not to finalise our post-reform subject selection pathway, until new subjects specifications have been accredited and reform finalised. All of our pupils will choose at least three subjects at the beginning of Year 12; it is likely that most pupils will begin with four.  We aim to provide as helpful a learning environment as possible for Year 12 pupils, mindful of the considerable academic leap that takes place from GCSE to AS Level. To this end, study periods during the academic day are monitored to help the development of independent learning which can be relied on in Year 13 when pupils have more free time to manage their work load.

Please click below to see the entry requirements for each subject offered.