Business Studies

Key Stage 4

Business Studies investigates the world around you. You will look at all the different functions within a business and how they work together. What external influences can affect the ways businesses operate in the economy, and how businesses address social and environmental issues.

Business Studies should appeal to those who:
  • Have an interest in how business operates.
  • Enjoy studying a subject that is relevant to their own lives and experiences.
  • Would like to study an area that offers opportunities for a career in business.
  • Would like to learn how to make business decisions and solve business problems.
  • Wants to keep their options open – Business Studies can be a useful choice for a wide range of careers and can be combined with a wide range of subjects.
The course

Students will study Marketing, Accounting and Finance. The study of marketing focuses on the process of identifying, targeting and satisfying customers.  The finance section of this module looks at drawing up company accounts and analysing them, managing cash-flow and budgets. We also study People and Operations Management. This looks at what motivates people to work, how to manage people, different leadership styles, organisational structures and so on.